Collagen Particles

Our Company produces the collagen ( Type-1) in dry particle form derived from Bovine source. The particles are very convenient for application in cavity wounds. It resorbs automatically with in 3 to 7 days depends upon the wound condition.It is also a highly hemostatic material, when applied will stop bleeding immediately. We have Plain Collagen Particles – Collofiber and Medicated collagen particles – Collofiber-MM.

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Collofiber-MM Medicated

Surgeons who treat chronic non-healing ulcers including diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers etc., face a real challenge when it comes to the closure of the wounds due to inadequacies of conventional treatment protocols and complexities of ulcers. The result is catastrophic and traumatic. Quality of life suffers as many patients get into the


Each unit of collofibre vial contains sterile collagen (Type I) in particle form in specified volume.
Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation

Collagen is a bio-material and its role in wound managment is a well documented subject. Collagen encourages wound healing through the deposition and


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